Rental Home Security Systems


Do you offer single family home security systems for those who are renting the home and don’t own it?

Absolutely! In fact, Renters Alarm Co. has a current special for a FREE Home Security System ($850 value) with up to 3 Entryway Contacts, High Decibel Alarm, Backup Battery, Pet Sensitive Motion Detector, and a Keychain Remote ($99 value) especially for those who rent a home. We realize that the security of your property, your family, and your pets are important to you, and just because you’re renting the house shouldn’t exclude you from the same high level of security protection afforded to any homeowner.

If the home security alarm system is free, then what do I pay?

Most criminals like to break in when they know you’re away from home, and with our six interconnected monitoring stations keeping an ever-vigilant eye over your property, you can rest assured that when you’re not there, we have you covered. You simply pay the affordable monthly cost, and our highly-trained security monitoring network will keep a close eye on things at all times, so that if something does go wrong, you know that your family and pets, as well as your belongings, are safe in those moments.

What if I accidentally set off my alarm system? Will the security monitoring station automatically send out the police?

Only if they can’t confirm that you or your family accidentally set off the alarm system. One of the fail-safe’s available to you is the keychain remote that allows you to deactivate the security alarm. The keychain remote also has a dual purpose as a panic button should you or your family be at home during a home invasion, an increasing trend, and the worst possible scenario for any individual or family.

What other benefits are there that would make me want to have this security system installed?

Not only will you be protecting your family against dangerous criminals invading your home, but this home security system also has the added benefit of being used for fire and carbon monoxide detection. Most deaths that occur from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning happen while the homeowners are asleep and unaware. Your monitored security system will automatically detect these occurrences when they happen and in turn alert the fire department, thereby saving your family and pets.

What happens to my rental alarm if I move out of my rental home?

Renters Alarm Co. offers two options for customers who relocate while in a monitoring agreement. If you relocate and wish to continue your monitoring services, simply contact us, leave your old system behind, and for $99 we will install a brand new system in your new residence (with new monitoring agreement). If you wish to terminate your agreement, you will be responsible for 75% of the remaining contract.


Your family, pets, and belongings are highly important and shouldn’t be compromised by the risk of inaction!! Call Renters Alarm Co. NOW and feel safer as soon as tomorrow!

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  • FREE Security System

    • $850 Value Includes
    • Digital Keypad
    • Keychain Remote
    • High-Decibel Alarm
    • Up to 3 Entryway Contacts
    • Pet-Sensitive Motion Detector
    • Backup Battery
  • FREE $100.00 GIft Card

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